Every year, people ask me, “Nick, why don’t you charge thousands of dollars for your Leadership Summit?”

There are two reasons…first, I feel called to give back. It was an event that radically transformed my life and I want others to be able to experience the same breakthrough and freedom.

Secondly, my business model is different. I believe in adding substantial value first, and then inspiring others to want to work with me. It’s a lot smarter than selling, it’s inspiring…I’ll teach you how.

Let me be clear…this is NOT a pitchfest (I can’t stand those).

My goal is to over deliver with this summit, earn your respect & trust, and if you are inspired and want more…then I’m here and ready to be hired to support you on achieving your goals.

* When you arrive you’ll receive your $47 refundable deposit back.

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Then just a $47 fully refundable deposit that you will receive back when you arrive.
Complimentary tickets are first come first served, the price will be going up soon